Lots of choices

Do you like massages? Would you like to pass one, but with special elements? We know that classic procedures are little bit bed-rid, so we have something special for you. Our salon is really remarkable, because there are erotic massage prague for you that you can avail every day, if you want. We have only great procedures for you. You can enjoy for classic types with erotic elements, but there are also very original possibilities. If you want, you can try for example tantra procedure, which is really intimate and you can know your entrails. Our masseuses have special courses, so they very well to know, where to touch you. They will use special objects, so you can feel touch by warm towel, by feather and other object. You can be naked or only poorly clad.

Not only classic procedures

There are erotic elements in all procedures, because we think that it is very important. Don´t be afraid, if you will not like something, you can tell it to your masseuse and she can change the program. We would like only your satisfaction; it is the most important for us. You shouldn´t be afraid of price, because we have friendly prices.

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